SPAIN’S government has approved a birthday gift to all 18-year-olds in the form of a culture voucher worth €400.

The Youth Cultural Bonus, which can be spent on books, concerts, cinema tickets, museum entrances or even video games, has been passed by the Council of Ministers.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced the scheme last year, saying it would introduce youngsters to Spain’s rich cultural history. He added that it would also support Spain’s culture industry which suffered a 15.8% decline in spending in 2020 as Covid-19 pandemic restrictions bit.

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Youths will be able to spend free money on entrance tickets to live events

Approximately 500,000 teenagers are said to be eligible for the pass.

Spain’s minister of culture, Miquel Iceta Llorens, said: “It’s like an 18th birthday present, and I would love it if they spent it at the opera or a classical music concert.”

The money will be loaded onto a virtual card and spent via smartphone.

Youngsters will be able to spend up to €200 on live experiences, including concerts and festivals, and another €100 is available for physical products, like records. A further €100 is for digital products, such as mp3 albums.

Food, text books and musical instruments do not qualify for the scheme.


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