A 13-YEAR-OLD boy died in the playground of the Sierra de Mijas school on Monday.

A statement was released by the headmaster Francisco Zafra Machura, who said: “As director, this is a statement that I should never have to make, and for which I do not know if I am prepared. But it is my duty to inform you that this morning there has been a tragic event, with the death of a student”.

Mijas School Maps
IES Sierra de Mijas School.
Photo: Google maps.

The boy was in the playground with his classmates when he suddenly collapsed. 

Witnesses initially thought the boy had fainted, but concerns grew when he become unresponsive.

Two teachers rushed to him and began using the school’s defibrillator on him when they could not detect a pulse.

Emergency services arrived at the school at around 10:50 am but unfortunately, they were unable to restart his heart and was later pronounced dead. 

The school has cancelled regular lessons for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The school principal said that they would be organising alternative activities to replace lessons to help his classmates through this difficult time.

The mayor and the councilors of Mijas have also released a statement saying they were ‘dismayed by the sudden death of a young student of the IES Sierra de Mijas’. 

“We extend our deepest condolences to family and friends for such a terrible loss and to the entire school,” said Mijas mayor, Josele Gonzalez.


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