A Valencia woman suffered 56 years of abuse from her husband and eventually resorted to barricading herself in a room.

Officers from Valencia’s Policia Local domestic violence unit have arrested an 83-year-old man.

They heard the victim was too scared to report decades of assaults because she would have been embarrassed by the reaction of people to what had gone on.

Her husband was arrested on Tuesday.

The victim told specialist police officers that she was ill-treated throughout her marriage.

The abuse took the form of physical attacks through to verbal threats, insults, and humiliation.

Matters recently took another turn when she piled up furniture against a door every day to stop him gaining access to her room, due to the increased seriousness of threats made against her.

She stated that she had not been physically attacked for a few years, after decades of violence.

The woman said that the verbal insults and threats had recently increased to the extent that she feared he would carry them out.

The victim never worked outside the family home and concentrated on bring up her children.

She never had any kind of financial independence and was scared to go to the police, despite her children urging her to do it.

Valencia’s Citizen Protection councillor, Aaron Cano, described it as a case ‘that tears you apart’ and ‘breaks your soul’.

“This is a lacerating instance of 56 years of continued mistreatment- 56 years of a hell that no one should go through”, he stated.


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