A RECENT study, published this Monday, April 4, by the National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed the most ‘spendthrift’ and ‘tight-fisted’ tourists on holiday in southern Spain.

According to the INE, visitors from the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and China are the ones who spend the most per person whilst on holiday in Malaga, while Italians, Poles and Argentinians are the most stingy.

Meanwhile the British, French and Germans are, on the whole, the ones who spend the most money whilst visiting the Costa del Sol, due to visiting various times a year.

To put it in perspective, the average expenditure per visitor of a tourist from the United Arab Emirates was €904 in 2021 while that of an Italian was just a mere €269.

According to this study, the next most lavish spenders are the Filipinos with an average budget per person of €779 while the third most lavish spenders are the Chinese with €706. The Swiss are fourth with €675 euros and the Saudis fifth with €625.

Broken down, tourists from the United Arab Emirates spend €143 per person per day, a Filipino €123, or a Chinese €111.

The most tight-fisted tourists when it comes to spending money on the Costa del Sol are the Italians who spend just €43 euros per day, followed by the Poles with the same amount.

Other tourists who spend below €50 euros per person per day are Argentinians and Koreans. In the range between €50-60 per day are the Finns, the French, the Indians and the Japanese.

Then there are the tourists from traditional European countries, the lifelong customers who come to the Costa del Sol, often several times a year, spending overall more as they spend more days per year in the area.

For example, the British tourist will spend just €70 per day but, because the visits are repeated several times, the total figure for expenditure in the area by a British tourist is actually the highest.

The study includes card payments made by tourists in any local establishment or what they withdraw from ATMs.


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