SIERRA Nevada is set to be the last ski resort on the Iberian Peninsula to close this season.

Ironically it has been spring which has brought the best skiing conditions to the Granada ski resort, with the recent snowfall covering the slopes with a thicknesses of up to two metres, a snow depth that has not been registered all winter.

In general, the snow this season has been scarce in Sierra Nevada, and much less than the resorts of the Pyrenees or the Cantabrian Mountains. However, despite the wanting snowfall, Sierra Nevada has been able to offer a very acceptable range of skiing and other activities, permitting the resort to receive a good number of skiers and visitors.

In fact, according to the managing director of Cetursa Sierra Nevada, Jesus Ibañez, almost one million people have passed through Sierra Nevada so far this winter.

With another three weeks to go, it’s likely that the visitors will surpass the one million mark, marking a good season after a dismal two years due to Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Ibañez, the principal objective right now is to make sure everything in Sierra Nevada is in perfect conditions for Easter, highlighting that as soon as the storm Ciril moves away, the sun will shine again.

The second goal is to make sure everything remains in perfect order to prolong the season until April 24.


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