THIS year Easter falls in mid-April which may give you hope for a Semana Santa marked by mild temperatures and sunshine.

However, Semana Santa is notorious for bringing changeable weather conditions but with Easter processions resuming for the first time after two years of being cancelled during the pandemic, it is understandable that this year more than ever, people are hoping they won’t be rained off.

With The Borriquita, Holy Week Begins Every Year, And Today In Madrid We Have Also Had A Procession Of The Borriquita In Madrid, April, Spain
First processions since 2019 will take place this year. Photo: Cordon Press

Equally, many people use the Easter break as an opportunity to escape to the coast or the countryside, so will be anxiously checking the weather apps to see wh at to expect.

After a very cold start to April which saw freezing temperatures and snow across much of the north of the peninsula while the southern coast was battered with storms, what next?

Easter week, or Semana Santa as it is called in Spain falls between April 10-17 and so far it looks like we can expect ‘typical’ weather for the time of year.

Ndp.semanasanta Preci 1 1536x864.jpg weather service predicted that temperatures and rainfall across most of Spain would fall in the ‘average’ for these dates except in the Canary Islands and southeast of the peninsular where rainfall was expected to be marginally lower than average.

However, in Spain’s northwestern corner and along the easternmost part of the Canatbrian coast, there may well be slighter more rain than the annual average for the second week of April.

While Easter processions take place in some form in most places across Spain, crowds flock to those cities famous for the spectacle, notably cities in Andalucia. such as Sevilla, Malaga and Granada.

Holy Tuesday Celebration In Granada, Spain 16 Apr 2019
Holy week in Granada. Archive image: Cordon Press

So far, it looks like it will be a sunny start to Easter week.

State weather agency Aemet has predicted that for Passion Saturday and Palm Sunday at least, the rain will hold off across most of Andalucia.

 Although it will be overcast, the chance of rain was predicted to be 10%.

But as the week progresses, so too does the chance of the skies opening. places a 20% chance of rain on Holy Monday, increasing to 80% on Tuesday. The rest of the week predictions from the weather portal remain sketchy with temperatures predicted to reach a maximum of 21ºC and a minimum of 11ºC in Andalucia.

The best advice a weatherman can give for Easter week in Spain is don’t forget your umbrella.

Holy Week In Malaga, Spain 25 Mar 2018
A woman holds an umbrella at the start of a procession in Malaga in 2019. Photo: Cordon Press


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