FINDING the time to learn Spanish at the end of a long day can feel like a slog when all you want to do is relax on the sofa and turn on the TV. 

But studies have shown that language learners who regularly watch foreign television tend to be better at reading, listening and vocabulary.

Not a TV fan? Not to worry! Dive into the world of podcasts and train your ear to understand the speed and sound of fluent Spanish speakers.

Here are the best Spanish language TV shows and podcasts streaming online that you can enjoy now.

Coffee Break Spanish
Genre: Languages
Available on: Spotify

This podcast follows teacher Mark as he gently talks you through the essential basics of Spanish grammar and vocabulary in short, snappy 1- minute podcast that you can enjoy over your morning cafe.

News in Slow Spanish
Genre: Current affairs
Available on: Spotify

In the wake of major current events, from the Oscar’s slap to the war in Ukrain, there’s never been a better time to plug into a weekly news podcast. News in Slow Spanish is a show for those who already have the basic vocab down and looking to improve their knowledge of current affairs all while learning some new Spanish words.

Genre: War drama
Available on: HBO

Based on the book Patria by Fernando Aramburu, the HBO drama tells the tale of two friends overcoming adversity during the ETA terrorist war. The promotional poster received backlash online for being too graphic so expect hard hitting depictions of the sensitive subject matter.

Cable Girls
Genre: Drama
Available on: Netflix

Based in the 1920s, Cable Girls follows four women working to connect phone calls for a business in Madrid. Fans of Mad Men or Call the Midwife will enjoy the period drama, which demonstrates the women’s shift from life in the domestic to public sphere.

Money Heist
Genre: Crime
Available on: Netflix

Centered around a Heist on the Royal Mint of Spain, Money Heist or La Casa de Papel, tells the tale of a mysterious man called ‘The Professor’ and his group of eight co-conspirators and their plot to steal €2.4 billion

Genre: Romantic comedy
Available on: HBO

Based in the Franco era of the 1960s Velvet follows the lives of the people working in haute couture clothing stores during the dictatorship. At the core of the show is the relationship between seamstress Ana Ribera and heir of a prestigious fashion house, Galerias Velvet, Alberto Marquez.

High Seas
Genre: Mystery
Available on: Netflix

High Seas, starring model Jon Kortajarena and Pan’s Labyrinth star Ivana Baquero, is a murder mystery that will satisfy even Agatha Christie enthusiasts. Two sisters on a luxury cruise from Spain to Brazil in the 1940s discover disturbing secrets about their own familial past as a series of mysterious deaths occur on the boat.

Los Espookys
Genre: Comedy
Available on: HBO

Renaldo, a horror enthusiast, starts a kooky business to thrill and horrify punters with gore by convincing them the terrifying scenario they have found themselves in is real. The show follows him, his best friend Ursula and her sister Tati as they navigate how to turn their love of horror into a successful business. Acclaimed by critics for its absurdist humour; do not expect the conventional.


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