ONE day I woke up, along with many others, to discover the world that we know has changed and after listening to the news, it is not unusual to feel anxious.

There is nothing we can personally do to stop all these horrors but we can make our family as secure as possible, as most accidents do happen in the home, and here I can help you.

With insecurity and fear all around us, extra protection from accidents could be most helpful, whilst life insurance is especially needed and you will be delighted to know that Liberty Seguros policies are not only superior, but are cheaper than if you had gone via a bank.

Did you realise that the Accident policies work side by side with your existing policies?

Jennifer Cunningham
Photo: Jennifer Cunningham Insurance.

Options for the Accident policies include Leisure, for both non-professional sports and leisure activities, a Self Employed option and the Road Traffic Accident policy, which gives you protection as a pedestrian, cyclist or passenger.

Accidents do happen and to have extra protection for a very small premium could be comforting, secure and sensible for you and your family.

Not only should you think of yourself, but if you have a mortgage, the wisest thing to do would be to take out a mortgage protection policy. These are designed to cover the cost of your mortgage, should you die, to ensure your family’s home is protected for their future.

Can I suggest you discover more information on making your family as secure as possible by visiting one of my offices, telephone or email, or visit my website

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