THERE have been recent reports of dogs intoxicated by hashish that have washed up on the beaches of Marbella due to the passage of storm Ciril.

The strong easterly storm recorded in the last few days in Malaga has destroyed beaches, businesses and promenades. The sea has washed up reeds and a large amount of rubbish on the shore, including the remains of the bales of hashish that traffickers throw into the water when they are discovered by the authorities in their narco-boats.

Drugs which have intoxicated several dogs when being walked on the beaches in Marbella this week.

According to Borja Hoz, a vet in Marbella and Mijas, the drug has a very strong smell that attracts the dogs, however if ingested can lead to very serious symptoms, even death.

It was Hoz himself, after going for a walk with his dog in the area of Dunas de Artola last Wednesday, April 6, who alerted the police that there were drugs scattered over the beaches in Marbella.

Despite the alert given, several dogs, including a eight-month-old border collie, have been admitted to veterinary care this week intoxicated with the drug.


The Marbella vet has explained that after ingestion, the symptoms usually start one or two hours after. Symptoms which include vomiting, shivering and disorientation. In extreme cases of poisoning dogs may even convulse.

It is critical that treatment is given within the first hour after ingestion, in most cases it is advisable to induce vomiting in the dog, which Borja explains should be done in a clinic, as an x-ray must be taken beforehand so that the remedy does not cause further damage to the animal. Fluid therapy treatment is also usually applied in these cases.


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