DURING Semana Santa the town of Fuentes de Andalucia in the province of Sevilla has adopted a new name in protest at the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

The town itself has been renamed ‘Ukraine’ while its streets have adopted new names to highlight the destruction of Ukrainian towns by Russian forces.

For two weeks residents can stroll down Calle de Ciudad de Mariupol or Calle Ciudad de Odessa. Replacement plaques have been stuck up on the renamed streets with a line explaining where the cities are and what has happened to them.

For example, beneath the name Calle de Ciudad de Jarkov, is written: “Destroyed by massive bombardment by Russian Army”.

The town, which is run by a left wing-green coalition, has also renamed streets to show solidarity with conflict zones elsewhere in the world.

Some have been dedicated to Ethiopia, Syria , Palestine, Afghanistan and the Western Sahara.

Francisco Martinez, the mayor of Fuentes de Andalucia (now Ukraine) explained:

“The idea stems from a citizen platform,” he said in an interview with La 1. “It is not only about showing ourselves as a welcoming municipality, but also creating awareness among the neighbours.”

The town, with a population of 7,000 residents, has also taken in 25 Ukrainian refugees.


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