MURCIA is claiming a record high for Easter tourist accommodation bookings, following two years of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Regional President, Fernando Lopez Miras, said: “Preliminary figures indicate that we may have had the best ever Semana Santa(Holy Week) for tourist occupancy in the region.”

All the data has yet to be collated and figures for large centres like Murcia City and Cartagena still has to be factored in.

Lopez Miras said that nine cruise ships carrying over 7,300 tourists stopped off at Cartagena over the holiday period.

He added that Corvera Airport recorded more than 29,000 passengers travelling to Murcia.

As to the future, the President said that increasing hotel bed availability is important and to create a ‘higher quality’ tourist infrastructure to attract ‘tourists with a higher purchasing power’ to come to Murcia.

Lopez Miras took a swipe at the national government claiming that tourist figures if Murcia was linked to the high-speed AVE train network.

“Despite the lack of infrastructure, we have were one of the main tourist destinations and imagine if we had the same opportunities as the rest of the Spanish,” he argued.

Lopez Miras continued: “If Murcia was treated the same as the other regions, we would be much more competitive.”


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