A San Juan de Alicante man reported a fake crime after stabbing himself in the chest.

He self-harmed after spending a long and expensive night out which he was unable to justify to his family.

The 60-year-old was found unconscious at 5.45 am on Monday in an apartment block elevator on Avenida Condomina.

Blood poured out of his chest but he regained consciousness after being treated by medics.

The man told the police that after the elevator door opened, a young man dressed in black had pounced on him and stabbed him in the chest with a knife.

He was taken to Alicante General Hospital as experts examined the crime scene and discovered inconsistencies in his statement.

A second police interview challenged his claim about what happened.

The man admitted to making up the assault because he was scared about his wife and family’s potential reaction to his costly night out.

The Policia Nacional have charged him with reporting a bogus crime.


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