THE withdrawal of the obligatory use of face masks indoors begins on Wednesday, April 20, 700 days after it was made compulsory.

That said, there will still be exceptions to the compulsory use of the mask. According to the Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, directed by Fernando Simon, masks will continue to be mandatory in hospitals, health centres, nursing homes and public transport.

Hospitals and health centres

According to the Ministry of Health, the use of masks will continue to be obligatory for health personnel, patients and visitors to health centres. Additionally, those who are admitted to hospital will also have to maintain this measure in the common areas of the hospitals such as in waiting areas, lobbies and lounges.

Nursing homes

Due to the vulnerability of elderly people who live and cohabit in nursing homes, the mandatory use of the mask will continue to be effective both for the staff working in the residences and for the visitors to the residences.

Public transport

The difficulty in maintaining 1.5 metres distance between people on public transport means the use of face masks on public transport remains compulsory.


The use of face masks in schools and educational centres are recommended for teachers and other workers, as well as students who may be vulnerable to risk factors.

Common Sense

Other venues will be able to leave it to the discretion of individual responsibility to maintain the use of masks or not. Hospitality establishments, restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs will allow customers to decide whether to wear the mask, always taking into account possible symptoms of the virus that they may present.


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