A GLOVO customer who insisted the delivery man ‘take the bins out’ after he delivered a food order has caused outrage in Spain.

“Please could the delivery person drop the food by the door and then take the rubbish with them on their way out?”

This was the extra request that came through on a takeaway kebab order for €11.30 placed with delivery service Glovo.

A photograph of the order was posted by a rep from CCOO, one of Spain’s largest workers union to highlight the outrageous conditions placed on the low income workers.

The rep, Paco Moreno, told Euronews: 

“I have seen situations with riders like this and in some cases the client gives a tip and in others not,” explained Paco Moreno from CCOO in an interview with Euronews.

Self employed riders at Glovo have their performance rated by customers, causing some riders to carry-out tasks way above their job description for fear of getting a negative review.

“In some cases not agreeing to these requests can mean a lower score, and that affects the orders you are given,” Moreno said.

According to Moreno, in this case the rider did not fulfil the chore requested  by the customer.

Glovo has faced criticism for its pushback on a newly enacted ‘rider’s law’ which beefs up protection for employees in Spain in the so-called gig economy.

The incident highlights concerns for gig-workers which is far from limited to Spain. 

In India, multiple food delivery services promise 10 minute delivery in the sprawling city of Delhi, forcing drivers to make precarious journey’s at high speeds.


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