THE high season for cruise tourism in the Port of Malaga has begun, with more than 70,000 cruise passengers expected between May and June.

The return to normality together with the high season will bring thousands of passengers to the province with 96 stopovers between these months expected.

The Port Authority hopes to close the year with figures similar to those of the year before the health crisis, with Carlos Rubio, president of the Port Authority of Malaga optimistic of recovering pre-Covid levels.

“In 2019 there were 300 stopovers and there were about 500,000 cruise passengers,” Rubio said.

“And although it is still too early to calculate how many passengers the city expects in its second quarter, everything points to the data being optimal” he added.

From the beginning of the month until April 20, 17 cruise ships have berthed in the Port. For the rest of the month, 25 cruise ships are expected to dock at Pier One. In May, 34 ships are expected to arrive, while 15 are expected in June. 

The relaxation of the sanitary measures has meant a respite for the cruise ships, as thanks to this they have been able to increase their occupancy levels.

The return to normality has allowed ships to increase passenger numbers from 40% to 60%.

The 66 cruise ships already scheduled for May and June have a total capacity of 118,307 passengers, of which 60% will be able to come.

A recovery that Rubio describes as ‘slow’, as ‘cruise ships still have many restrictions, while airlines are operating at full capacity.


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