THE Alharin El Grande charity fashion show returns on May 7.

The show will take place at the Artsenal Inoxis art gallery and promotes the concept of ‘slow fashion’ – dressing well using recycling old clothes and buying second hand.

The show is being organised by local artist Leon Patras, with tickets costing €10.

Patras said: “Slow Fashion is well-made clothing that lasts for years or decades. Fast Fashion is the cheap stuff you throw away after one season because of its inferior quality. Awareness is key. If we can just start being more conscious of the clothing decisions we make, we can collectively have a meaningful impact”.

Wiki Fashion 2
Slow fashion trends have taken off in recent years.
Photo: Wikipedia.

The show will be split into four parts: charity chic evening wear, upcycled, vintage and steampunk.

The organisers said: “Charity shops themselves are hugely beneficial, providing a great service by recirculating unused items that still have life. They often have items with the original labels attached that have never been used before, and some very high- quality clothes by respectable brands at a fraction of the normal cost.” 

The event starts at 8pm and will feature dance performance by DK POP as well as live music. 


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