SPAIN has frozen a total of 12 bank accounts linked to five Russian oligarchs affected by the sanctions imposed by the invasion of Ukraine, and has seized three luxury yachts and 23 properties.

The details of which were revealed this Monday in Congress by Oscar Lopez, director of the cabinet of Pedro Sanchez in La Moncloa.

According to Lopez, the sanctions imposed by the European Union have led to the freezing in Spain of 12 bank accounts linked to five of those sanctioned by the EU institutions.

Additionally, three luxury boats belonging to Russian oligarchs have also been seized as well as 23 properties owned by those affected by the sanctions.

The sanctions imposed by EU institutions are coordinated in Spain by a recently created body within the National Security connection with the war in Ukraine.

A second body has also been created and is responsible for coordinating the reception of refugees arriving in Spain, who now tally more than 130,000.

The number of Ukrainian children attending school in Spain currently exceeds 15,400 and 72,000 applications for temporary protection have been granted.


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