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Restaurant on Spain’s Costa Blanca suffers police raid for not following COVID-19 passport rules

POLICE in a Costa Blanca city moved on a restaurant after getting reports that it was not requesting to see COVID-19 passports from indoor...

Staff shortages mean just 13% of COVID-19 rule breakers have been fined in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of...

LEGAL staff have only been able to process 13% of fines imposed by police for breaking COVID-19 rules in the Valencian Community. 208,000 infractions have...

Police stop illegal Costa Blanca drinks party on Alicante’s El Postiguet beach in Spain

POLICE chased up to 140 young people around an Alicante beach after spotting them drinking alcohol illegally. Around 20 were caught and sanctioned for breaking...

‘NO HIDING PLACE’ as illegal birthday party guests cower behind bar on Spain’s Costa Blanca to avoid police sanctions

GUESTS at a birthday party that broke COVID-19 safety rules in Alicante hid behind the bar to avoid police fines last night(March 14). The Policia...

Russia and Spain agree joint cybersecurity group against fake news

Russia and Spain want to gauge the extent of the problem of fake news and analyse it to prevent it from becoming a source of friction

Pomegranate harvest up in Spain but Russian trade restrictions hit

The Russian market will receive far fewer this year due to EU imposed sanctions

Farmers dump thousands of potatoes outside Granada Carrefour in Russian protest

EU sanctions are putting the squeeze on suppliers

Spain facing €580 million losses after Russia bans EU food

Small farms are bearing the brunt of the sanctions

Spain joins Britain in freezing arms sales to Israel

The suspension is intended to send a diplomatic message

Tough Europe and US sanctions are ‘strong warning’ to Russia

But Spain's fragile economy could now suffer too

Spanish economic recovery in danger as Europe considers Russia action

EU planning sanctions against Russia after tragic shooting down of passenger jet MH17

Repsol hits it big in Russia

The find may influence future decisions about EU sanctions on Moscow

Why are Spanish waters awash with stinging jellyfish? Best ask the fishermen

A closer look at overfishing and its consequences. By Claire Wilson

Spain ‘very likely’ to be punished for delaying austerity measures

Rajoy is likely to be sanctioned by the EU for announcing the new budget AFTER March's regional elections





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