FARMERS have dumped thousands of potatoes outside a Carrefour in Granada in protest over a move to lower prices and squeeze suppliers.

In the wake of Russian sanctions on agricultural imports from the EU, a spud glut has prompted supermarkets chains like Carrefour to lower prices, which has a knock-on effect on suppliers.

The protest was called by the Union de Pequenos Agricultores y Granaderros (UPA) who claim the future of their industry is under threat.

“We are risking losing a very important market for our annual work that we’ll hardly be able to replace in the short term to recover sales and exports,” said a UPA member.

“At this moment we have no idea what’s going to happen and we are gravely concerned about the magnitude and range of the Russian government’s decision.”

The protest follows demonstrations in Zaragoza earlier in the week, which saw fruit growers dump excess produce on the streets and torch an EU flag.

In Spain alone, the value of food exported annually to Russia is €600 million, according to data from Russian customs.

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  1. Shame on them for wasting food while many of their fellow spaniards are below poverty level and starving.

    There are better and more humane ways to protest. It’s a slap in the face to their fellow countrymen who have nothing to eat.

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