SPAIN will be sending more weapons to the Ukrainian Army over the next few days according to Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albares.

Speaking to broadcaster RTVE on Friday, Manuel Albares confirmed Spain’s Ministry of Defence will be despatching a further consignment shortly.

He would not be drawn over what types of weapons and how they will enter Ukraine.

“We need to protect defenceless civilians but the less we discuss the kinds of supplies and where they get in, then the better,” said Manuel Albares.

Over economic sanctions against the regime of Vladimir Putin, he commented that ‘we will take all the necessary measures to achieve the economic collapse of Putin’s Russia’.

“There is still room to further disconnect the Russian economy from the European one and, therefore, also from the global economy,” he added.

Manuel Albares urged for EU-wide solutions to deal with rocketing fuel prices and ensure no reliance on supplies from a single country like Russia.

He called for further help to cut down domestic and business power bills, both in the short and long term.

The Minister admitted that Spain and other European countries would almost certainly have to revisit how much they spend on defence in the light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and possible threats to other states.


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