THE King of Spain has revealed his net worth – and it turns out to be a ‘modest’  €2,573,392.80.

While that may seem a lot to most people, it is dwarfed by the €2 BILLION his father – the former King Juan Carlos – is estimated to be worth.

And the richest royal in the world, according to Wikipedia, King of Thailand Vajiralongkor’s €43 billion fortune is on a different scale altogether.

King Felipe’s worth was unveiled by the Spanish Royal Family in a statement yesterday.

El Rey Felipe Vi Pronuncia Su Discurso De Navidad Desde El Palacio De La Zarzuela En Madrid
King Felipe in the Palacio de la Zarzuela. Image from Cordon Press.

He currently has €2,267,942 in his bank accounts and €305,450 worth of paintings, and jewelry.

The decision to reveal his worth is in a bid for ‘transparency’ and to increase trust in the Royal Family.

“The patrimony of the King is mainly made up of the salary he has received during the last 25 years, first as the price of Asturias from 1998 and then as the King of Spain from 2014,” said the Royal Family.

Spanish News Agency Europa Press stated the government and most political parties agreed with the decision to publish King Felipe’s worth.

However, Pablo Echenique, a member of congress  for Podemos, has heavily criticised the Royal Family.

He said: “As long as the king is legally inviolable, it is impossible to know if the heritage he declares is real.”

King Felipe has been striving to regain the trust of the Spanish people after the financial scandals that eventually forced his father Juan Carlos to abdicate.

The former king is embroiled in scandals alleging dubious financial dealings which include tax fraud, off-shore accounts and kickbacks from Saudi Arabia  linked to a high speed rail project in Saudi Arabia in 2011.


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