WEDGED in his own car and fearful that he may drown, an 80 year old man was dramatically rescued by police and passers-by in San Fulgencio last week.

It is believed he had driven into the drainage ditch on April 26, before a neighbour alerted the police at 3pm.

Fotos Del Coche (4)
IMAGE: San Fulgencio Ayuntamiento

Local Police rushed to the scene, as the man could be seen wedged in a partially-opened window, gasping for air.

With the car slowly sinking into the water, the rescue commenced with worries that the octogenarian was already suffering from exhaustion and hypothermia.

Police jumped into the water to aid the man, with one holding his head above the water, while another smashed open another window.

Eventually the man was dislodged from the vehicle, with onlookers helping him to the edge of the ditch.

Although he presented signs of hypothermia, it was judged the man did not need hospital treatment.

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