MOTORISTS on the A-45 towards Malaga were forced to swerve to avoid runaway horse galloping up the motorway.

According to the Casabermeja Polica Local, who managed to capture the animal and escorted it to the next exit of the A-45 without any accidents, said that there was a moment of chaos as drivers had to pull into the hard shoulder as the animal bolted past in the fast lane in the middle of rush hour.

Police have informed that the horse had escaped from a nearby farm and had strayed onto the motorway.

The startling incident took place last Friday, May 6, at around 2:30 pm when several calls were received from road users alerting to the presence of a runaway horse galloping in the middle of the motorway towards Malaga, causing a serious traffic jam as cars swerved and came to a standstill in order to avoid the animal.

Officers had to go to great lengths to capture the horse, forcing the traffic to be cut off for about twenty minutes on the right lane at kilometre 126 of the A-45 motorway in the direction of Malaga, whilst the owner himself contacted the police to inform that a horse had escaped from his farm.

The horse was finally captured by police officers who had been able to steer the animal to the right-hand verge of the busy motorway to prevent it from putting itself at risk and causing an accident, whilst the owner arrived.

Owner and horse were then escorted to the nearest exit of the motorway where the animal, which had all its papers in order, was finally secured and the traffic flow was restored without further incident.


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