THE Saharan dust which turns everything orange returns to Andalucia as of today, Wednesday May 11.

Just as the heat will persist throughout the region this week, with maximum temperatures above 30ºC expected, the meteorological phenomenon known as the calima—a layer of Saharan air— will sweep over Andalucia once more in the coming days.

The hot, dry mist that irritates the respiratory tract, reduces visibility, and covers everything with a pesky layer of fine orange dust will spread through southern Spain, starting in Cadiz, where, according to meteorologist Irene Santa, from, the highest concentrations are expected.

The calima dust cloud, carrying red Saharan sand, will then move into other Andalucia provinces in the eastern third of the region, such as Malaga, Granada and Almeria.

These last two provinces could have very high concentrations of dust during the weekend, with Saturday being the day where the dust cloud is forecast to be more dense.

Friday and Saturday, the days with the most calima, will also be the hottest in the region, with highs of around 35-36ºC expected in the Guadalquivir valley.


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