Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Malaga turns dusty as Sahara sand calima returns to Spain’s Andalucia

THE Malaga sky is again tinged once again in mild orange dust. Fortunately this new episode of 'calima'—airborne dust from the Sahara desert that stains...

Weather: Highs of 40ºC expected this week in Spain’s Andalucia with hints of calima-like haze

SPAIN'S Met Office, AEMET, warns of sizzling highs and calima-like haze to smother much of southern Spain this week. According to the director of the...

Mass of warm African air to bake Spain’s Malaga this weekend

HOT African air will sweep through Malaga this weekend—with temperatures above 32ºC expected. The return of the ‘calima’ will be accompanied by another phenomenon known...

CARRY ON CALIMA: Sahara sand calima returns to Spain’s Andalucia

THE Saharan dust which turns everything orange returns to Andalucia as of today, Wednesday May 11. Just as the heat will persist throughout the region...

Return to Mars: New ‘calima’ orange dust storm on way to Spain’s Malaga

A NEW ‘orange’ dust storm is on the way to Malaga – but it is not expected to be as severe as the March...

Storm Evelyn to bring sand calima once more to Spain’s Malaga this Easter Tuesday

A NEW Atlantic front will bring occasional rain and more red sand to Malaga today, Tuesday April 12. Spain’s weather agency AEMET has forecast that...

IN PICS: ‘It looks like Armageddon’ – Costa del Sol turns orange yet again as another calima hits Spain

THE sky turned deep orange across Andalucia on Thursday afternoon when yet another ‘calima’ swept up from north Africa bringing an atmosphere dense with...

Stained brown: Spain’s ‘white villages’ call for help to clear up after Sahara sandstorms  

THE recent ‘calima’ sandstorm that swept across Spain dumping Saharan dust has left thousands of buildings stained with ugly discolouration and brown streaks.  The effect...

Weather warnings issued for torrential rain in Spain’s Malaga

MALAGA is back under alert for severe weather conditions. As of yesterday, Tuesday March 22, the Spanish Met office, AEMET, placed Malaga province, specifically the...

IN PICS: Across Spain the sky turned orange and dust fell from the Sahara

THIS week Spain has been hit by a weather phenomenon known as the calima, when a dust storm from the Sahara swept north and...

Spike in hospital admissions and asthmatics called to stay inside: Incredible photos show Spain’s Almeria blanketed in dust 

DOCTORS have seen an ‘exponential increase’ in the number of people admitted to hospital in Almeria after a thick blanket of dust from the...

Spain’s Almeria covered by eerie orange dust whipped up by strong winds 

TOURISTS and locals in Almeria woke to a surreal scene on Tuesday morning with the coastal city covered in a plume of orange dust. Images...

Dani Garcia to open Marbella Luxury Weekend

The chef will serve 600 VIP guests with food from the two-Michelin starred Calima

World-class Spanish restaurant visit for lucky students

Four food technology students went behind the scenes at a world-renowned restaurant in Marbella

In Boca: Calima

Olive Press editor Jon Clarke reviews Andalucia’s top restaurant Calima

Catch a falling star

Tragabuches - the first restaurant in Andalucia to be awarded a Michelin star - has been stripped of its accolade due to poor performance

Top chef Dani Garcia does it again

Andalucia's top chef racks up another star




Protests break out after Spain’s latest gender-based violence saw a woman allegedly killed by her husband in La Linea...

Protestors gathered today to express their disgust over the latest case of gender-based violence to rock Spain with the murder of a woman in...


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