A HIGH-SPEED chase along the A-7 near Marbella has ended in a dramatic car crash and one arrest.

A 35-year-old man has been arrested in Marbella after allegedly ramming a police car when trying to flee a roadside test.

The reckless driver fled towards the town of San Pedro Alcantara, accelerating to 150 kilometres per hour on a road with a maximum speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour, damaging several other vehicles on the way, including the entire windscreen of one car.

The high speed chase ended near Puerto Banus, when the headless driver entered a dead-end road and, on observing another police car blocking the road, instead of stopping, accelerated until he collided head-on with it.

Both officers that were inside the patrol car suffered injuries due to the violence crash and the driver himself became trapped inside his own vehicle.

The man, who was freed from his automobile by the police officers, was then subsequently arrested for reckless driving, to which driving under the influence of alcohol was added after testing positive in a breathalyser test.


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