BUÑOL hosts its annual medieval market this weekend on the Paseo de San Luis with a chance to see artisan craftsmen demonstrating their wares.

There’ll be a lively atmosphere between June 3 and 5 recreating the days of old with an array of live entertainment.

That includes night displays from fire jugglers and musical concerts.

Medieval Fun

One of the main attractions will be the chance to buy genuine artisan goods from pottery and handbags through to hand-crafted toys and jewellery.

Alfareria 1

All of the stall-owners are members of the Amata artisan association which guarantees the authenticity of all products.

Makers have to be present at all times and everything that is sold must have been crafted by them.

It allows shoppers to buy directly and ask questions as well as asking for something customised if they don’t find what they are looking for.

The artisans will have all the necessary equipment on site to make a special design or etch a name on a specific piece.

Visitors will also be able to watch their skills and patience in making items with their time-honoured affection.

Children can also take part in a series of special craft workshops.


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