PARENTS of a newborn child died after a drunk driver mowed them down as they crossed a Valencia Province road.

The double fatality occurred in Canals at 3.18 am on Sunday after the couple were walking home with a group of friends after a night out.

Eye-witnesses said they were crossing a road when a car careered into them at high speed and on the wrong side of the road.

A 31-year-old man was killed instantly while the 30-year-old woman died hours later in hospital. 

Both were from Honduras and were Canals residents.

They were parents to a four-month old baby.

The driver, identified as 48-year-old Antonio Manuel G, had reportedly got behind the wheel and sped off after an argument with staff and fellow customers in a nearby bar. 

After mowing down the couple, he drove on before crashing off a bridge into the Canals river.

He tried to leave the scene but was arrested by Policia Local officers and taken into custody where he tested over the limit for both alcohol and drugs.

Canals town council expressed ‘profound sorrow’ at the deaths and declared three official days of mourning.

“I have contacted the family to convey the condolences of the entire municipality and offer them all the help they need from the council,” said Canals mayor Mai Castells.


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