THREE people, including a British woman, have been arrested after an ATM user was sprayed in a failed robbery.

A man and woman of Spanish nationality plus the Brit hovered around a bank in the rural Elche district of Las Berries on Tuesday evening.

The male victim told the Policia Nacional that he was about to deposit cash into his account via an ATM when a woman got out of a car.

She approached him and without saying anything, sprayed him in the face.

Officer With Spray

The woman tried to grab his money but he resisted- forcing her to run away to the car where her two partners-in-crime were waiting for her.

An extensive police response was set up with exit routes from the area blocked off by patrol cars.

The getaway vehicle was intercepted and the occupants charged with attempted robbery.

A spray can was found on one of the women which was the same one used on her victim.

A man’s shoulder bag was discovered with €200 inside it, which police believe may have been taken in another robbery.


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