A Cordoba Zoo keeper was attacked by a leopard on Monday just before he was going to feed the animal.

The man only suffered what authorities described as a ‘clean bite’ on one of his arms.

He was treated by medical services and discharged after a precautionary visit to hospital.

The incident happened at around 1.30 pm.

The keeper was carrying out some food that was going to be left in an enclosure where the leopards are kept.

Normally the leopards are taken out first and the food is left in there for them on their return.

The man went inside and was confronted by the leopard who went for his arm.

The Policia Local and Policia Nacional were informed about what happened.

The attack has also been reported to the Centre for the Prevention of Occupational Risks.

Cordoba Zoo has been closed to the public due to an outbreak of avian flu that has killed six birds of different species.


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