A SPANISH influencer was so outraged over her treatment by staff at a hotel in Paris that she took to her social media channel to complain to her 350,000 plus followers.

Laura Ponts Insta
Laura Lopez, known as lauraponts in Instagram. Photo: Laura Ponts official Instagram

Laura Lopez was furious that she was fined €100 after she was caught lighting a cigarette in a no smoking room.
“€100 for smoking a cigarette in the room with the window open! Merci Hotel Ballu, I’m not coming back!” read the post by Lopez along with a picture of the fine on her instagram stories.

Laura Pont Fine
Laura’s post complaining about the fine. Photo: The influencer’s instagram page.

But she didn’t get quite the reaction she was hoping for with many of her followers taking the side of the hotel staff.
“Believe me, the hotel doesn’t want you to come back either” and “Good for the Ballu Hotel for not letting itself be blackmailed by Laura Ponts” are some of the criticisms the photograph has received.


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