THE Andalucian Junta is to spend an extra €20 million on replacing crash barriers in the region.

The region is famed for its winding roads, with many a trip to the pueblos involving some heart-in-mouth moments for passengers – and with good reason.

Government figures claim that in 40% of all traffic accidents in the region, a vehicle comes off the road.

The scheme to upgrade crash barriers began in 2019 and so far nearly 450 km of roads have had beefed-up barriers installed.

Barrier Snip
Andalucian roads are notoriously treacherous.
Photo: Wikipedia.

Now, an additional 370 km of road will be fitted with state-of-the-art crash barriers; 227km with upgrades to existing barriers while the rest will receive brand new installations.

The regional government says the scheme is costing more than anticipated due to a rise in the cost of raw materials.

The bulk of installations have been targeted on danger spots on the roads such as steep slopes, accesses to bridges or tunnels and where there are trees or buildings adjacent.

Marifran Carazo, Regional Minister of Public Works, said the new barriers are proven to reduce the number of serious injuries in crashes.


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