MARBELLA castle is to be restored to the tune of half a million euros, Marbella council has announced. 

The building is classified as a place of cultural interest, and is the largest castle in the municipality, nestled in the city’s old town.

The work will repair and fortify the eastern and northern side of the monument and is expected to take six months to complete.

The castle dates back to the Middle Ages but fell into disrepair in the 20th century while luxury homes were built adjacent to its walls, much to the dismay of many residents.

Marbs Castle Snip
Marbella castle is a cultural hotspot in the city.
Photo: Wikipedia

The plans are being fronted by Yamur Arquitectura y Arqueología S.L. with proposals to better protect and conserve the castle and roll back some modern development on the castle’s grounds that goes against its rustic aesthetic.

Marbella’s castle is a throwback to Spain’s Islamic heritage during the reign of Abdurrahman the 3rd who was one of the first caliphs of the Iberian Peninsula.


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