A 20-YEAR-OLD man in Sevilla has been arrested for making a narcotic cocktail.

His cocktail of choice, known as a ‘purple drank’ is a cocktail first popularised in 1960s Texas.

The accused falsified medical prescriptions in order to obtain cough syrup – containing codeine, an alkaloid of opium – which is an essential ingredient of the ‘purple drank’. 

This is then mixed with soft drinks to create what is also known as ‘sizzurp’ or ‘lean’.

The drugs in the cocktail cause feelings of relaxation and euphoria, and when consumed in large quantities can lead to hallucinations, delirium and fainting. 

An investigation involving testimonies from local pharmacists and doctors allowed officers to trace the man in the Los Pajaritos area of Seville. 

‘Purple dranks’ were born in Houston, Texas in the 1960s and became popular amongst hip hop fans. 

Several American rappers are believed to have died from an overdose of the cough medicine contained in ‘purple dranks’, including artist Pimp C. 

More recently it has been detected in large bottles in Spain for botellon, or street drinking. 


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