THE second run of the San Fermin Festival commenced this morning in Pamplona. 

The Red Cross say six people were taken to hospital to be treated for injury.

The run lasted just over three minutes, and provided for some hair-raising moments as people slipped over with at least one man being trampled over by two bulls.

No gorings occurred, but multiple people became temporarily cornered by the bulls.

One of the people hurt was stomped on his back by the animals, and looked visibly shaken afterwards.

The atmosphere at the festival after a two-year hiatus was feverish.

Friday marks the second of the festival’s eight planned bull runs, with each day packed with  drinking, eating and cultural events.

Each of the bulls involved in the run are then transported to bullrings where they are killed in a bullfight in the evening. 

The event is extremely popular but has become increasingly controversial, with critics labelling it cruel and uncivilised.

Environmental groups staged a protest before the first run where people dressed up as dinosaurs were chased. 


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