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LISTED: The most common reasons drivers are fined in Spain over the summer including driving in flip-flops, barefoot or without a t-shirt

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Driving with flip-flops, barefoot or without a t-shirt behind the steering wheel could land drivers with fines, warns Spain’s Department of Traffic (DGT).

According to the DGT, during the summer season, safety at the wheel is relaxed and clothing or footwear not suitable for driving are often used, putting drivers at risk of breaking the law and consequently slapped with a hefty fine.

Motoring experts say that driving with flip-flops or without a t-shirt is not expressly forbidden, but whether we are fined depends on how the regulations are interpreted.

These are the most typical summer fines:

  • Driving barefoot, or wearing flip-flops: €200. According to DGT, driving without appropriate clothing or footwear can hinder the driver’s capacity to control the vehicle.
  • Driving without a shirt: €100. Article 3 of the General Traffic Regulations stipulates that: “one must drive with the necessary diligence and caution to avoid any harm to oneself or others, taking care not to endanger the driver, the other occupants of the vehicle or other road users”. Based on this rule, driving shirtless is grounds for a fine since, in the event of an accident, the activation of the seat belts could cause serious injuries to the driver.
  • Driving with one hand or arm outside of the vehicle: €100. Although it is forbidden to put your hand out of the window, it is not forbidden to have your arm resting on the window. Article 18 of the General Traffic Law states that the driver and passengers must maintain a sensible position inside the vehicle.
  • Drive with a hat / cap that covers the ears: €100.
  • Eating ice cream while driving: €100-€200 and two points off your license.
  • Copilot with feet on the dashboard: €100.
  • Throw a cigarette out the window: €200 and four points off your license.

The DGT recently tweeted a reminder:

The question of the summer is back. To drive or not to drive in flip-flops?

There are no specific rules about it, but if it is seen to affect safety (e.g. pedal operation) it may be punishable. Advice: Use common sense and wear comfortable and safe footwear.


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