Many expat residents were forced to flee their homes in fear as the giant wall of flames approached.

One, Chloe Modrekelidze send the Olive Press a series of terrifyingly videos and photos, as the 3-day old fire took hold.

Police and firemen urged locals to prepare to evacuate in frightening scenes.

The fire now In it’s third night continues to burn as firefighters from the army’s crack firefighting unit UME were drafted in from as far away as Ronda and Cadiz to help.

One member of a team of army firemen (UME) told the Olive Press that he had worked for 12 hours without stopping last night and his whole team was out again tonight.

There are 40 of us from Malaga, Madrid and Cadiz and we are already exhausted. I spent an entire 12 hours last night spraying water on the flames but the fire just would not abate.

It’s scary and seems really strange. Just when we thought we were getting somewhere it seemed to start again. Maybe it’s another of those awful 5th generation fires. We’ll see tomorrow if it’s slowing down.

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