MORE than 6,600 people who have fled the war in Ukraine since March 2022 have been registered ‘empadronado’ in Andalucia.

According to data collected by the National Statistics Institute (INE), a total of 6,613 citizens of Ukrainian origin have registered with a local municipality in Andalucia between March and June, coinciding with the Russian attack on Ukrainian territory that began in the early hours of February 24, close to six months ago.

Specifically, 2,135 people of Ukrainian origin were registered in Andalucia in March, while 2,232 citizens were registered in April, 1,475 in May and 771 in June.

Additionally, more than 3000 (3,035) school-age children have enrolled in Andalucian schools as of May 30, almost three times as many as in April.

Back in March of this year, the Junta announced it would make Andalucian educational centres available for refugee children from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a total of 17,824 Ukrainians had applied for temporary protection status in the region, a figure that rises to 124,000 in the country as a whole, according to released government data.

In Andalucia, the process is carried out at the Immigration offices and National Police stations, additionally in Andalucia in the Ukrainian ‘Reception, Care and Referral Centre’ in Malaga.

The applications for the residence permit are usually approved within 24 hours by the Asylum and Refugee Office of the Ministry of the Interior and a work permit is also granted for those of legal age.

Access to healthcare is also made available. In addition, those who obtain temporary protection can legally use their driving licences in Spain for at least one year.


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