A SHOCKING video reveals the brutish behaviour of bouncers towards a group of British women after a row broke out a nightclub in the glitzy resort of Marbella.

Filmed in the early hours of Thursday morning, the footage shows women being pushed about by beefy men, lifted into the air and shoved to ground outside Lemmon in the port area of the popular resort.

During the attack, one women’s outfit was pulled up to reveal her bare bottom, while another seems to be slapped in the face.

One eyewitness told the Olive Press how the women were kicked out of the club for disorderly behaviour.

“They were really drunk, one of them decided to climb up some rigging inside the club and was kicking out at people,” claimed David who was at the club on a night out with friends.

in an exclusive interview with the Olive Press he described how bouncers tried to remove them from the club.

 “The girl with the pink striped dress was asked to leave, but she refused,” David explained.

Policia Nacional confirmed that it is investigating an incident that occurred outside the club. 

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