A missing Belgian man has been found dead on a farm some eight kilometres away from his Alicante Province home.

82-year-old Hugo Dewulf was last seen riding his electric scooter on a trip to buy some cigarettes in Hondon de los Frailes on August 1.

The local community joined forces with the police to comb the area including fields around the village but with no success.

The SOS Desaparecidos organisation distributed details and a photo of Mr. Dewulf.

They pointed out that his scooter battery had a maximum range of 50 kilometres and that he did not speak English or Spanish, but Flemish.

On Thursday, a farmer across the border in the Murcia region at Macisvenda, Abanilla decided to inspect his almond trees.

He discovered Mr. Dewulf’s body along with his scooter and called the police.

The Guardia Civil are carrying out a formal investigation but there were no signs of any violence.


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