A HOTEL cleaning association has slammed the ‘disgusting tourists’ who are back on the Costa del Sol in their droves.

The head of Las Kellys housekeepers’ collective (‘Las Kellys’ is a word game with the sentence ‘Las que limpian’ –Those who clean) in Malaga revealed that young guests are the messiest, while older couples eat in the room and leave leftovers.

Shocking images of hotels in Malaga. Image The Olive Press.

“Some couples even leave used condoms on the beds, which is disgusting,” Maria Trinidad told the Olive Press. “They also leave vomit on the floor and walls after drinking too much.”

The association has now set up a Tik Tok account where they are highlighting the most revolting rooms they have to clean.

Kelly 2
Hotel cleaners in Malaga tired of hotel guests who are messy. Image The Olive Press.

“In one room I found toilet paper everywhere and discovered the guests played a game involving snakes,” she added.

In another, she found a corridor full of liquid from a fire extinguisher that was ‘impossible to clean’, while one woman left a group of dildos.


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