MALAGA City Council has closed Sacaba beach, in the western area of the capital of Malaga, to bathing this Tuesday, August 30, after a water sample taken there has shown high levels of fecal bacteria.

At the request of the Ministry of Health of the Junta, Malaga City Council has swiftly acted in accordance with protocol and put in place the necessary preventive health measures until the results of the analysis indicate that the water is suitable for bathing.

For the moment, the causes of this alteration in the microbiological analysis are unknown, however, high levels of bacteria are usually caused by stormwater runoff from rain.

That said, this same beach was closed to bathing in July on two occasions, due to a sewage spill from a pipe damaged by a construction company, Construcciones Verosa, whilst doing work in the area.

The first burst sewage pipeline flooded the beach and dozens of vehicles in a local parking lot, causing the area to be closed to bathing for six days.

Thirteen days later, another sewage pipe burst in the same site, once again contaminating the area and causing the beach to be closed to swimming for several days.


Beach in Spain’s Malaga closed after burst sewage pipeline floods area with human waste

Burst sewage pipeline floods beach area in Spain’s Malaga for second time in 13 days

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