SUECA council has refused to grant permits for a bullfighting weekend to coincide with the city’s patron saint fiestas.

The Xe Quin Bou Sueca bullfighting club application was turned down for September 10 and 11.

A 2016 Sueca referendum overwhelmingly rejected bullfighting events being subsidised by the council.

The bullfighting club applied for permits in May but said the council vetoed it ‘without providing any reason’.

Club president, Salva Mulet, said: “The event would have been ‘cost-free’ for the council as the club would have paid for everything.”

Sueca mayor, Dimas Vazquez, said the majority of councillors opposed granting licences to the club, with the Partido Popular and independents voting in favour.

“Society evolves with people’s mentality and awareness changing,” commented Dimas Vazquez.

The issue of bull runs and fighting have grabbed the headlines in the Valencian Community this summer, with seven spectators killed watching runs since July- the highest figure since 2015.


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