BENIDORM has started its annual cleaning of ravines to ensure the rainwater collection system is in good shape ahead of the autumn Gota Fria season.

The work includes clean ups of the Barcelo, Derramador, and Murtal ravines.

Benidorm’s works and street cleaning councillor, Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate, said: “This is about minimising the effects that possible torrential rains would have on the city.”

The councillor added that the clean-up includes removing any items that cause disruption to water flows.

Gonzalez de Zarate pointed out that with these cleaning and clearing work ‘the image of these areas and safety in the event of heavy downpours is improved.’

“Throughout the year we clean the urban section of the Benidorm ravines, especially with the removal of belongings and debris, a task that increases at this time with the removal of weeds and green waste,” the councillor added.

The works councillor pointed out that while ‘Benidorm council acts all year round in the ravines, they have made themselves available to the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation in case they need help in work to be carried out in the non-urban part of the ravines, which is within their jurisdiction’.

“If there is a Gota Fria in the next few months, we need to keep the ravines clean to avoid greater evils that may occur, “ Gonzalez de Zarate concluded.


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