MYSTERIOUS sky lights left Malaga residents stunned yesterday morning, Monday September 5.

Reports of ‘an unusual celestial phenomena’ and a ‘ghostly apparition’ flooded social media as two intense spotlights slowly crossed the early morning sky, startling star gazers and early birds alike.

“We have never seen anything like it,” sailors and fishermen from La Caleta de Velez-Malaga commented when they saw the strange phenomenon over the coast of Axarquia.

However, far from an alien encounter, the huge spotlights were actually part of a SpaceX rocket that had been launched that night.

Specifically the 40th mission of the year for Falcon 9, with the launch of Starlinks group 4-20 and an escort.

Liftoff was at 4:09 Spanish time and, according to SpaceX, both the departures and re-entries of these rockets produce this eerie effect and are seen in this particular way in the night sky.

These rockets launch satellites with certain frequency with the aim of providing wider internet services around the world, as well as contribute to military and scientific fields.


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