POLICE have raided an illegal weed plantation in an Algeciras neighbourhood and seized more than 20 kilos of marijuana.

Policia Nacional agents arrested a man they believe to be responsible for the growing and upkeep of the plants in the raid.

Authorities first discovered the plantation in June.

Further investigation revealed that it was located on the rooftop patio hidden by a canvas structure to camouflage it from passerby.

When the police officers entered the property they found 21 kilos of cannabis sativa plants that had reached a height of nearly two metres with at least 15 branches on each one.

Algeciras prosecutors then charged the arrested man with drug trafficking.

The increased popularity of cannabis – that is now legal in several parts of the world – has resulted in many south Spanish people turning to its cultivation because of the high profits it brings.

Criminal gangs vie for control of its supply, even attacking other illegal plantations to steal the plants, raising levels of violence in communities.


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