SPAIN’S National Police were on Wednesday seeking a man accused of running over his own mother-in-law with a car in Valencia, after a family row between several relatives. 

The incident was caught on camera and soon went viral on social media, with some users jokingly describing the scene as “Grand Theft Auto: Valencia”, in reference to the hugely popular video game.

In the cellphone recording, a black vehicle is seen speeding around a roundabout while a number of people shout at the driver. The car then violently crashes into the victim, sending her flying with an almighty bang, before speeding off. 

The woman, whose name is Josefa, explained what had happened today on Antena 3 morning show Espejo Público. The disagreement occurred after the driver of the vehicle involved had a previous accident and wanted to blame it on the woman’s son given that the former has no driving licence. 

“He was trying to kill me,” she claimed. “He wanted my son to cop for the accident he had in the morning.” The man’s children were reportedly inside the car when the accident happened. 

According to her testimony, she was left with a dislocated hand, two cuts to her head and major bruising on her chest by the brutal impact. 

In the previous accident, according to Spanish daily El Mundo, the man supposedly ran over a 40-year-old woman at a crossing before fleeing the scene. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital for medical treatment, but was reportedly conscious on arrival. 


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