A PLANNED and targeted winter vaccination campaign will kick-off in Andalucia on October 3.

Junta Chief Juanma Moreno has announced the flu vaccination campaign will be launched in Andalucia on October 3 and it will be done in conjunction with the fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 starting with people over 80 years in residences.

With the end of the third summer of the pandemic, Spain faces the first autumn without mandatory masks indoors, except for health centers and public transport, for the time being.

To cope with a possible eighth wave of Covid-19, the fourth dose of the vaccine will be available in Spain’s most southern region as of the first week of October.

The first group to receive this second booster dose will be people over 80 years of age living in nursing homes, to continue with the inoculation of those over-60, vulnerable people and frontline health personnel.

According to Moreno, Andalucia has ‘the most complete vaccination schedule in Spain’

“There is no better social protection against health threats than prevention and, of course, vaccines” he said.

As claimed by health experts, vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases as they teach a person’s immune system how to recognise and fight viruses.


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