ELECTRIC scooter drivers will need to use helmets and get third-party insurance if they wish to continue riding them from next month.

Currently, the scooters are following the guidelines of the Directorate General for Traffic (DGT), which means riders cannot exceed a 25km/h limit, or ride on the pavement.

Marbella’s councilor for Mobility, Enrique Rodriguez, said the new regulation would be approved next October and would be policed by the council. 

There are currently no regulations for the personal mobility vehicles in Marbella at the moment.

It comes after the head of the Dott micro-mobility in Spain, came out and said a few weeks ago that a lack of local regulations needed to be addressed.

Videos of people using electric scooters on the roads while putting at risk car and motorbike drivers have emerged this summer in Marbella.

Cities like Barcelona are also experiencing a lot of issues with electric scooter drivers.

According to a report from the insurance company RACC, 60% of electric scooter riders drive faster than the limit. 

There have been more than 200 accidents since January this year across Spain, according to official data.

Spanish insurance company MAPFRE claimed the most common accidents among scooter drivers were falling and hitting the sidewalk or curb, colliding with other vehicles and running over pedestrians.


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