POLICE in Algeciras found a young man shot dead in his car after a clan battle in the neighbourhood of El Saladillo.

It is the second murder this week as gangs vie for control of different barrios, intensifying street violence.

Police discovered the latest 26-year-old victim dead in a car with bullet wounds on Thursday night in calle Antonio Machado.

They believe the assassin walked up to the car and fired at him at around 10.30pm.

Witnesses on emergency lines said they heard three shots fired.

An ambulance moved him to Punta Europa Hospital where he was pronounced dead soon after.

National and local police then had to make their presence felt at the hospital itself, where a group of relatives and friends gathered to grieve the loss.

Police are carrying out a secret investigation to find out and locate the murderer.

On Monday night, during another street battle, a teenager stabbed to death a 19-year-old man in the neighbourhood of La Pinera.

An Algeciras judge sent the 16-year-old murderer to a juvenile detention facility for his crime.


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